IDG Connect – Kathryn Cave Global Apple or Android?

Last week, we ran a short poll to our readers asking whether they had a tablet device and if so, which one they use. The results were more or less as anticipated. Out of 1792 global IT and business respondents a significant 65% did own a tablet. Out of this tablet owning group 83% had the iPad, whilst Android devices amounted to 13% of our readership and other operating devices amounted to only 4%.

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The Tablet is the Ultimate Mobile Personal Computer | TechPinions

Although, the notebook PC is portable you don’t typically see consumers move around, walk around, or stand up and use their notebook. This is because the form factor lends itself to a desk or a lap where the screen sits at arm’s length away. Tablets are very different. Consumers are comfortable using them while standing, walking, sitting on the couch, laying in bed, in the bathroom, by the pool, at the beach, in the kitchen, etc. The tablet is not designed to be viewed at arm’s length and because of that our relationship with this form factor changes. We can use it in different ways and more importantly take it places we would not or could not take our clamshell PCs.

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I agree, and I think this is the key point that people miss when arguing iPads are toys because they’re less powerful than a traditional PC. Form factor matters, and the world is plenty big (and complex) enough for both approaches.

I think Apple has a key problem to solve, however, to fully leverage this advantage. Bright sunlight and iPads don’t mix.