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In thinking about how this market will evolve, I hear about “consumerization” and cost reduction as benefits and justification of this shift. But fundamentally, what is happening is a classic low end disruption. Enterprises increased their demands beyond what the users in those enterprises could absorb. Instead of ultra-secure, locked-down and immobile computing, users were looking for flexibility, agility and mobility. That’s what Apple was listening to.

Apple’s best strategy today would be to persist on this trajectory and listen to the under-served consumer rather than the over-served and over-demanding IT manager.

via Enter, Prise | asymco.

(I find “immobile computing” particularly apropos.)

Horace Dediu once again takes a fresh look at Apple; in this case, looking at the enterprise, he remarks on the explosion of money spent on iPads and Macs in the corporate market over the last two years.

Another quote:

However, if the pattern emerges as an extension of the near past, Apple’s position in the market at nearly 30% share next year would be a sea change. It may challenge for the top spot among all vendors to the sector.

Counting tablets, HP is about to lose its seat to Apple as the #1 PC vendor in the world; if Apple also becomes the #1 enterprise PC vendor next year, we’ll know the future has finally arrived (or perhaps that things are chilly in the underworld, depending on your perspective).

(Oh, and Horace? Great title.)

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